Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hot Topic and I'm Guilty, but It is Resolution 42

That is a link to a blog that has gone WILD this week even landing the writer on Katie Couric's show.  It is about being in the pictures, not just behind the camera.   I'm guilty.  I had to hunt and search for a picture of me to post on my blog and you saw what I chose.  It is from our family vacation to Big Bear Lake in the summer of 2010.  I have another one from that same trip as my FB pic.  Now, I had some pictures taken of me since them, but none I want to be posting and not that many to choose from.  Today, we took my senior out for his senior pictures.  Do you think that we could have taken one of the two of us together?  Sure.  Did we?  NO!  Guilty, guilty, guilty.  At the bottom of the blog there is an option to submit a picture of you with your kids.  No, I didn't send one in but another blogger I read did:  And she ended up on the EVENING NEWS when they were discussing this same blog.  Probably because in her case, it helps her to remember her son and is unlike the other side of the story (we want our kids to see us in the moments with them).

I have many moments in this next year.  And I am going to try to document them in front of as well as behind the camera.  I want my kiddos to remember me in the moment.  And I'm not going to wait until I've dropped my baby weight.  LOL.  My baby is nearly 8.  Make someone take a picture of you in the moment or moments this week.  Resolution 42. 

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