Thursday, November 1, 2012

Resolution #45


I don't know if this is a repeat, nor am I going to double check because for me this week is all about trying something new.  I got a job.  It kinda happened quickly and as of Monday I am employed as a Crossing Guard for my son's elementary school.  I will also be picking up some extra hours as a sub.  I am really excited to be a part of the staff, again.  Cause I used to be a sub in the building prior to LRHB coming into our world.  So many observations about this new chapter in my life:
  • I love being part of something BIGGER.  I serve my community and it gives me immense pride.  I stand there on the corner smiling this enormous grin and feel like it my job to welcome everyone that drives by to a new, wonderful day.  I do wonder a bit what they think of this grinning crazy person, but hopefully it touches someone's heart.
  • I didn't anticipate it being such a change for LRHB which makes my heart hurt a little.  We'll get there, I know, but I didn't mentally prepare for it.  I mean, we go to school every day and go home everyday.  The only difference is we have to go earlier and stay longer, which we did many days in the afternoon.  The morning piece... I mean we're up.  It's just about opening our hearts to making some changes. Now I know.
  • I love the smiling faces and friendly waves.  I never really did that when we were in the car for the previouse guard.  Maybe it is just cause it is new and it will die down.  I feel like I'm in my own parade each morning waving left and right!  But I have one sweet girl who puts her window down and shouts in her own quiet way, "Good Morning!"  and my heart just sings.
  • I am learning.  The Lord has some qualities He wants me to work on and this is how he is doing it.  Patience.  There isn't a lot of foot traffic at my corner so I wait patiently.  Those of you who know me know that quiet waiting isn't really ME!  Tolerance.  Most people DO NOT DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT IN A SCHOOL ZONE!  I don't recognize the same folks racing through my area each day, so each day I tell myself that they didn't slow down not because they are rule breakers, but because their hearts are breaking.  Their mind is with their heart and I need to TOLERATE that all people are not perfect and give them GRACE.  Forgiveness.  See above bit on Tolerance.  Kindness and generosity (again see the tolerance part). 
  • I am praying.  Yes, I sit there on my corner and pray for those headed to work.  And those headed to school.  For my family.  For my prayer list.  TWICE A DAY.  He wanted me to have more time with Him; that's why I landed this job.
So this is my something new I am trying.  I've needed to get back into the workforce and this is a small step in the right direction.  Your something new doesn't need to be a new job.  Maybe it is a new recipe.  A new route to work.  A new drink or exercise routine or new machine at the gym or new top or a new show.  Happy Week!

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