Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Katie Couric

I started watching "Katie" this fall.  I've always been a fan of Katie Couric and had I ever watched the evening news, I would have watched her.  But I don't watch it.  So for a few years, I missed my Katie girl.  Now I can get her daily and I'm really enjoying it.  I have a gazillion topics I want her to cover.  I hope she's around for a long time because I find her format refreshing and not the same old thing.  Let's get this straight, she keeps me company as I clean baseboards and bathrooms, while I fold laundry and clean the kitchen.  I don't sit around eating bon bons watching her.

She sometimes focuses an entire show on a topic like she did when she interviewed Barbra Streisand or covered Internet Safety.  Sometimes she has on several people that may or may not relate to each other or that relate to a theme such as Happiness.  I am rarely up-to-date on the shows and currently have 8 Tivo'd as yesterday I watched other stuff.  Monday afternoon is my catch up on TV day and fold laundry day.  I find myself thinking of all kinds of things to blog about when I am watching her show.  Like, I've never watched any Barbra Streisand's movies and I'm wondering if I am "too young" like my friend who'd never seen When Harry Met Sally which I consider a classic of MY generation of movies and if it is because I wouldn't call my mom a Barbra fan.  So I find myself wondering if others have watched them and what your favorite would be.  Or the day they discussed Internet Safety.  My boys weren't allowed to have computers in their rooms until their senior year of high school and even now, when they're in the shower, I'll check their history.  And it really is a hot topic and should be like drugs, drinking and sex, an ongoing discussion.  Since I have old children, I felt while watching the show that day that I should blog about how I've kept my kiddos safe so far on the internet.  All I've got is those two things:  keeping tabs and keeping them in my presence.

The next two shows may have their own blogs.  One is about Happiness, a topic that I've been pondering all on my own.  The other show is about the mom that inspired last week's goal of being in the pictures, in the moment.  I cannot wait to see her in person because I did find her blog inspiring.

Happy Tuesday!

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