Friday, June 1, 2012

That Mom

Today, I was "That Mom".  The one that got up off her duff and played with her kid.  And I am tired, it was like a real workout!  And my legs are sore.  But for almost an hour I played chase with my LRHB in the pool.  I feel like this is in a state of disarray... let me start at the beginning...

Today, the LRHB and I went to the pool.  He got his cast off on Tuesday morning and swimming is really the only approved form of play for the boy.  So Tuesday afternoon and this afternoon we went to the pool once the Angels had gone home.  The main reason I took him was because his friends were playing out back and he CANNOT RUN so I will not let him go outside.  It's killing him slowly.  And me.  Back to today... for the first hour, I sat on my lounge chair reading a magazine.   I have MANY to read and I find I get them read in the summer by the pool.  So I read all but 2 pages of the May Parents magazine when LRHB yelled for me to come get in the pool.  As I did the other day, I hemmed and hawed and FINALLY got in.  The other day we played chase for like 10 minutes.  Today is was 30 minutes of chase all around the pool.  During the "break" time, I got a kick board and kicked 3 decades of the Rosary.  And then it was another 30 minutes of chase... me running, high knees, working out those legs!  And he was SO HAPPY!  I was THAT MOM.  The cool mom.  The mom making time for her kid(s).  That's my job and it's the best one ever so I really am going to try to be THAT MOM all summer long. 

I am sure I am feeling a renewed interest in being THAT MOM because of something said the other night at Bible Study Summer Book Club (more on that soon).  One mom reminded me of a truth in my house... I may not have clean floors or counters, but if LRHB or the Big Boys ask to play a game, I am ALL about it!  And apparently that inspired her.  I wonder if she knows that she inspired me right back! 

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