Saturday, June 2, 2012

Let me BREAK it down for you...

The "That Mom" post that says it was posted Friday was really about Thursday afternoon.  I hadn't been to bed yet, so I was still thinking it was Thursday and when I looked today and it said Friday... I was SO confused.  Then I remembered it was already Friday when I wrote it... 3 am Friday.  And I wrote it while I was winding down.  Really?  Winding down?  At that Hour?  All good questions...

Just before 9 on Thursday evening, College Boy called me.  He wrecked his bike.  He thinks he broke his wrist.  NO he did not hit his head.  YES he was sure he didn't hit his head.  But his wrist hurts.  A LOT.  So we talked through coming home, but quickly surmised that that wasn't going to work.  So by a few minutes after 9 I was headed to his school (if anyone is counting, that is the third time in 4 days, 4th in a week cause I went and got him Friday so he could work Memorial Day weekend, returned him Monday evening, realized that he left his performance clothes home so trekked up mid-day Wednesday to deliver those for 2 performances on Thursday.  In fact he was coming home from a performance when he wrecked).  We had LOADS of time to talk in the ER.  We chatted about his classes and what work he had remaining.  We chatted about his siblings.  About the Bachelorette.  About all kinds of things.  Can I tell you that the hospital staff FINALLY convinced him to wear a helmet!?  Thank heavens he didn't hit his head because he was NOT wearing the helmet.  And as per usual trips to the ER that require not only x-rays but stitches as well, we were there 3.5 hours.  And is really wasn't crowded.  Wrist fracture.  The kind that usually requires surgery to heal correctly.  So, after finals next week, he'll be seeing a hand surgeon.  And there was a cut in his underarm area that we have NO idea how he got, but required stitches internally as well as on the surface.  I think that is actually giving him more discomfort than the arm.  And it is his left hand... did I mention he's a southpaw?  With finals to do?  He got finals covered on Friday while I was rearranging Wednesday to accommodate a trip to the hand surgeon.  The gal at the ortho office politely asked:  "Do you know where we are located?"  Why yes, I do!  I was there on Tuesday having a cast removed from a different child's leg.  OH MY LIFE IS SO FUNNY!  And did I mention he has TWO jobs as a life guard and a third teaching swim lessons?  REALLY!?  But we are so BLESSED!  We really have to remember that... at the same time my son had his bike accident while crossing campus, another young man was crossing his bike in a crosswalk (off the bike, following the letter of the law) right adjacent to campus.  He was hit by a car running a red light (hit and run driver) and later died.  We are BLESSED.  Prayers to that young man's family.  And that, my friends, is why I was posting at 3 am Friday morning thinking it was still Thursday evening.  In fact, I had just started that post when College Boy called.  I am SO glad he called.  I am so glad he is close and I can drive an hour to him.  I am glad he wanted me to come and help him.  Another great MOM moment.

So I will move College Boy home on Tuesday afternoon, not evening like originally planned.  And he will not have to go back up on Friday for graduation ceremonies as he cannot play the sax.  Stay tuned, but hug your children!  Hug them tight, even if they are already annoying you one week into summer break!  We are blessed to have them with us.

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