Thursday, June 28, 2012

4 to Score, Home at Rose Cottage

The upside to summer is I often take more time/have more time to read.  So I have finished Four to Score, by Janet Evanovich and Home at Rose Cottage, by Sherryl Woods.  Now I cannot tell you HOW MANY TIMES I FELL ASLEEP while reading Home at Rose Cottage... but I did read it while trapped inside by heat index and air quality which are 2 conditions ripe for napping.  And I am reading Return to Rose Cottage so that I can find out the rest of their stories.  There are 4 sisters and book 1 tells 2 tales, book 2 the rest.  So I am finishing it out, but I don't really recommend it.  They don't make me laugh outloud like Janet's romance novels make me laugh.  I mean, its fine.  It's not bad. 

However I read Four to Score in ONE DAY.  At a swim meet, but really I read it in ONE DAY.  Now if only I could actually get to the library when I have books on hold so I can read book 5. 

In case you are counting, these are books 27, 28 & 29.  I am counting Home at Rose Cottage as 2 since it has 2 books in it.  Who's calling me a cheater?  Anyone?

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