Monday, June 25, 2012


In theory, I am halfway there.  I am still blogging and choosing resolutions and improving myself and my life.  I kinda can't believe it!  The in theory part is that I haven't been blogging about some of the stuff that I've been working on.  Today, I get caught up!

So, I've been out of touch the last couple weeks... trying to find my summer groove and my blogging time.  Trying to get on a schedule... that only lasts a couple minutes and then life happens.  I was chatting via email with Cousin Handsome about our summer life, it sounds quite hectic.  However, the empty hours are truly that... empty.  No homework.  No other stuff to fill the gaps.  Just hanging out and reading, watching TV and napping.  Sure, some days are busy.  But the gaps in between are delightful!  LRHB and I spend a lot of those gaps at the pool trying to keep cool.  I like to read poolside, he likes me to play with him so we balance it out and both get what we want.  The lazy days of summer are truly that in spite of the fact that I have to drive to swim practice thrice daily 2 times a week, twice daily the rest of the week, deliver Teen Boy to/from work (but he has 3 jobs and they are all in one spot which does help!), average a doctors appointment at least once a week, and often feel like I am just counting the time down until it is time to go again!  These days will be gone so quickly, that I am truly trying to live in the moment and enjoy being a mom.  It isn't always easy to do, but I am really trying.  That was resolution number 24... enjoy the moment.  I urge, beg, pray that you too try it for the summer.  It helps make the hectic times more relaxed and (along with 10 deep breaths) keeps the blood pressure down!

Resolution 25 was stop preaching and start leading.  I have been on a soapbox with folks since reading The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma.  The fact that I can remember her name is a testimony that I was truly impacted by her book.  And all around me I find that parents are providing their kiddos plenty of summer reading incentives, but not taking the time to actually read to them.  So I started a summer reading book club for parents/kids that we know.  I invited a BUNCH of folks.  In fact, I began to worry that I had put it out to too many.  I really shouldn't have worried... many never replied.  And some of those that committed didn't follow through.  HOWEVER, I am focusing on the positive here... the families that did read the book came over last Friday and we had a nice book chat then ate popcorn and watched the movie.  Watching this group that come from several different areas of my life mix and mingle and enjoy made my heart soar!  I am leading by example and not just giving lip service to reading to kids that can already read to themselves.  I have compiled a list of books with suggested ages that also have that movie follow-up component (I get my movies at the library!).  If you are interested, leave me a comment and I will send it to you.  Okay, reading over this sounds a bit braggy, but this is my blog and I'll brag if I want to!

Let's go back to Week 23, developing a prayer journal.  I am going back to this because I am really pleased with myself.  I looked around the house and found an old notebook that was not used very much this school year and turned it into my prayer journal.  Love recycling.  As it turned out, I am so happy that I will be using this very style of notebook from now on and the reason I got started using it was sheer, dumb luck!  It is a steno notebook... with the binding on the top.  I use one side for taking notes on books that I am reading for my bible study book club and then I flip it over and use it for making prayer notations and additions and such.  If I want to remember a scripture that I came across while reading, all I have to do is flip it over and flip through the pages to find what I want... I is all right there!  Okay, that may not sound like much to you, but it brings me great joy!

Is it cheating to make Week 26's resolution to keep blogging and changing and improving?  I think it is.  And I'm in charge, making the rules here.  Bummer.  But isn't it like renewing wedding vows... it doesn't make the initial commitment any less.  And it kinda rewards me for sticking with it.  And it will help me get back to blogging regularly.  So yes, I am making Week 26's resolution to be with you for the rest of the year.  Choosing goals and improving my world, my life, my family's life.  Join me.  Happy Monday!

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