Saturday, June 30, 2012

GLEE, Glorious GLEE!

College Boy and I watch some shows together. Glee, on FOX is one such show.  So, I waited for him to come home to watch the May Sweeps and season finale.  And slowly over the last month we've watched the April episodes, but this week, we watched all of the May ones and I can honestly say, I think they returned to their glory days!  There were episodes that I feel like the LRHB can watch with us... cause it is about the singing and about topics that are not inappropriate for a little guy to watch.  Mostly.  They took one detour that I didn't think they needed to, so we'll fast forward through that one!  And I am on pins and needles for it to return next fall and where they are going with it!  I just loved it!  So, if you were a Gleek and decided that you weren't enjoying it so much anymore, try watching the end of Season 3... it was a return to fun episodes and great singing not centered around one person/group but around a solid storyline. 

In the meantime, while I am waiting for Season 4, I am watching the Glee Project... and I am enjoying it!

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