Monday, June 25, 2012

Books vs. TV

I am a TV junkie.  I am and I think I always have been.  I can remember my earliest TV days of watching Sesame Street, Captain Kangaroo and Emergency with Johnny Gage (swoon).  I can remember the best thing about sick days being watching the Dick Van Dyke Show reruns.  I knew all of the words to the Love Boat theme and remember wondering Who Shot J.R.?

But as my list of books gets longer and longer, books that I want to read, series I want to tackle, I find my TV watching time is dwindling.  So I have been making cuts.  Once Upon a Time... taped 14 episodes to watch over the summer.  dumped them.  Dallas, the redo, I watch episode 1 & 2 and decided that it was true, I still want to shoot JR and why the heck didn't Kristen Sheppard do a better job of it the first time around.  dumped.  I thought maybe I would rewatch the entire season of Glee this summer... nope, dumped those from my dvr box too.  I've already watched many of them twice.  I don't need/want to watch them again.  Smash, dumped.  Even though they have Jennifer Hudson coming on next season.

Now, let's be real... not giving up the Bachelorette.  Also, picked up Around the World in 80 Plates... kinda an Amazing Race meets Top Chef show.  And picked up the Glee Project.  And I am watching So You Think You Can Dance with the LRHB.  Actually, all 3 of those with him.  So, I am still a TV junkie... I'm just trying to cut back.  Doesn't really sound like it, does it?

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