Friday, June 29, 2012

Saying Something and Nothing

I don't really know who reads my blog.  So I deliberately don't use my children's names.  And I've tried to avoid making it clear where I live.  So today I am torn.  I really feel compelled to blog about something going on in my life.  Yet, I really feel like I cannot without taking a HUGE LEAP OF FAITH and reveal Where In The World I Blog From.  I know that Glennon is very open about both where she lives and her children while others are more vague, giving their children WAY MORE ADOREABLE nicknames than I do (think Snuggles).  So I am in a quandry.  Perhaps no one is reading this (short of those that love me... Cousin L, I am thinking of you!) and therefore it doesn't matter.  But those who love me, follow me other places (think FB) and so they know what I/we are enduring right now.  It is scary.  And unbelievable.  Somewhat inspiring.  And nauseating.  I've been quite ill with a migraine most of the week from the stress of it all.  But we are perservering and are so blesssed in MANY, MANY WAYS.  I now have a BRHB (Big Red Headed Boy) living with me, but that is the easy part of the story.   His mother thinks I am doing her the favor when in reality, helping her pulled me out of the depths of ickyness.  So today I am trying to say SOMETHING while truly saying NOTHING at all. 

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