Saturday, May 23, 2015

Disney Blog Day 5

Day 5 Part 2 Walt Disney World Resort

We arrived at our Wilderness Lodge Resort and found our room ready for us even though we were hours before check-in.  We had chosen a bed with bunks, for my boy and me, and a queen bed, for my parents who were arriving later in the day.  Once we had explored the hotel complex, we decided to have lunch in the fast food joint in our hotel.  The food was better than I expected and the salesperson took the time to explain to me why we should invest in one of their Disney Cups.  {A moment about said Disney Cups:  I don't drink soda anymore and I limit soda for LRHB so I had previously decided that we wouldn't be purchasing these cups.  I changed my mind when I realized that I could give him Powerade and, in the humid Florida weather, realized that would be a good choice for him.  Another factor was that I could get my coffee every morning with this cup and iced tea all day long.  Finally, they had disposable cups that I collected and put in the room.  Each morning I would make a series of trips downstairs and load us up for the day in both empty water bottles and disposable cups.  These are the reasons I purchased the Disney cups and would encourage anyone else to do so as well.}

Since the weather was overcast and rainy, we skipped the pool and boarded the bus for Downtown Disney after lunch.  I know I have mentioned that LRHB is anti-shopping.  However, Downtown Disney has a Lego Store which was the enticement I used to get him to go.  He purchased a Lego set and was entertained by it for the in-between hours (those hours before you leave for the next thing or before bed) for the rest of the trip.  We received notice that my parents were on the way to the resort so we headed back to meet them.  (Ask them about their car service next time you see them! LOL)

We went to the Hoop De Doo Revue for dinner and a show.  This was on mom's bucket list and we all really enjoyed ourselves.  We did the hurry up and rush there (via boat!) to wait and wait.  Since the seating is prearranged, I would encourage you to arrive in time, but not early.  Although there was probably exploring we could have done, not knowing enough about the area, we didn't do any.  We were content, I might mention, to sit and chat about the upcoming days since it was our first time together in three months and we needed a game plan.  The show itself was fun, food was good and LRHB is still laughing about some of the play on words that they included in the show!

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