Friday, May 1, 2015

Disney Blog Day 2

Disney Blog Day 2, part 2

After finishing our wonderful meal, we headed to our room to change and head to the pool.  I managed to grab a chair nearby and Reilly attempted to swim laps in a very crowded pool.  We both enjoyed our afternoon returning to our room only to participate in the mandatory lifeboat drill and get ready for dinner.  Somewhere in there, Reilly found the basketball court and enjoyed some hoops.  We also perused the events of the day in our daily guide, skirted the launch party enjoying it from an upper deck and watched dolphins diving in the waters off the side of the ship as we set sail.

Dinner was awkward.  I commend Disney, honestly, for trying.  They took three young men of similar age, travelling with three mothers and put them at a table for six.  I get it.  The kids, moms or both COULD have hit it off.  Not so much with this group.  First, we were seated across from each other.  Now my boy is good at a restaurant, but we had arrived last and it seemed everyone was ready to order.  First boy ordered from the children's menu.  My boy figured out what he wanted, but didn't realize that he could additionally order soup, salad and/or an appetizer.  The next young man ordered from the "light menu", (brown rice, grilled chicken, broccoli).  Now the moms' turn:  Mom #1 asked many questions about the sauces and the alcohol in the sauces and about not having any sauces with alcohol anywhere near her food.  Mom #2 actually ordered what LRHB ordered.  I ordered an appetizer, a soup for Reilly and then my dinner.  I didn't order the glass of wine for fear of offending Mom #1.  Mom #1 and son, who had been speaking English up to this point, launched into a lengthy conversation, in French.  Um, rude much?  Finally the food arrived:  LRHB ordered snapper with scallops.  To his disappointment there was only ONE scallop.  "Mom, mom, mom.  The menu said scallopS, not scallop."  I told him to talk to the waiter; of course the waiter graciously fixed this for him by delivering an additional 5 scallops for him to enjoy!  

After dinner, we went to the Sports Bar, which is open to all ages until 9 p.m.  We watched some of the March Madness tourney and headed to bed.  LRHB didn't want to see any stage shows and I didn't care enough to either go without him or force him to go.  Our bed was turned down and I read while he drifted off to sleep.  We were officially having a good time, but I had decided to talk to someone regarding our dinner seating.

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