Friday, May 22, 2015

Disney Blog Day 5

Debarkation Day

The time has come for us to leave our ship.  We had to put our luggage out the night before.  I thought that they would wait until all of our luggage was outside before they swept it away, however, upon realizing that my pants to wear were still in the bag that I had already placed outside, I found that they gather the bags out as soon as they appear and then deliver it to the underbelly of the ship.  So I dug out the jeans I had worn for pirate night to wear the next day.  

We had to set alarms to drag us from our bed and out the door for breakfast.  Early dinner seating is not a positive on debarkation day as then you have early breakfast seating.  I think it was 6:15.  Following our wonderful breakfast, we gathered our things from the room bidding it farewell and left the ship.  (pause here for sniffing and tear wiping)

The Disney Magical Express whisked us from the port to Disney World.  I caught up on texting and listened to tunes while my boy took a much needed nap.  Now I am going to say something very entitled, so acknowledge that I know it is entitled and recognize that I have given this more than a month of thought and still desire to share this with you:  If you are paying the most to stay in the resort, you should be the first one dropped off.  Seriously, we were the last ones dropped off and we were staying at the most expensive hotel.  It took us an additional thirty minutes (conservative) once on Disney property to reach our resort.  That just doesn't make sense to me.  I know it is snobby, yet, apparently I feel strongly enough about the amount of money I paid to make the comment.

Moving on... Disney Wilderness Lodge is beautiful!

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