Thursday, May 7, 2015

Book #25

The Atonement Child
Francine Rivers

I chose this book because I thought that it had come up on a classic romances list.  However, after reading this book, I went back and researched how this came to be on my Nook.  Let me be clear, it is NOT a classic romantic story.  I discovered that Atonement  was the book that came up on the 'classic romances' search and Atonement Child came up on the library search with Atonement.  Because Atonement Child is by an author whom I have read and enjoyed, I checked it out.  It is not a classic romance, however it is a powerful tale of faith, grace and being a follower (not a fan) of God.  It led me to prayer and soul searching about a emotional topic.  God and I are still at odds, but I am working on it.  

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