Saturday, May 9, 2015

Disney Blog Day 3

Day 3, Part 2

Over breakfast, the LRHB had told me that he didn't feel good at dinner the night before.  When I questioned him, I discovered that he had picked up on the awkwardness.  I made the decision to make other dinner arrangements and spent some time during the day explaining to the front desk why I needed to switch tables.  When I arrived at dinner, I learned that they had not received my request, but they were more than happy to make it happen for me.  We received a table for two and began our second night ordering from every course.  When it came time for dessert, we nearly couldn't do it!  The prime rib, seafood, salads and appetizers nearly did us in!  

We joined our FL friends for the Pirate Party on deck!  Her boys were Kindergartners and thought my boy walked on water; he loved their hero worship!  It made for a fun time!  Then the two of us went back to our room, changed into our bathing suits and hit the Aquaduck, a water coaster!  Unfortunately, we didn't realize that it was closing and only got one ride.  We decided to make time for it again the next day and headed to bed, watching basketball from the comfort of our bed!

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