Sunday, May 17, 2015

Disney Blog Day 4

Day 4, Part 2

Upon returning to the ship, we quickly changed and headed for dinner.  We enjoyed a lovely evening of lobster and each other's company.  I found our servers to be warm and each night the assistant server had a "trick" or "activity" to show my boy.  I found the food to be absolutely delicious each time I sat down for a meal.  We had the breakfast buffet, twice, and found it to be unremarkable.  It is a breakfast buffet, standard, nothing to set it apart.  I found the lunch buffet on the island to be less than stellar.  Really, plenty of room for improvement in this area.  The lunch buffet on departure day was fabulous!  I cannot stress enough that each meal that I sat down for, breakfast, lunch and dinner(s) we scrumptious.  

Following dinner, LRHB and I met up with our companions.  The youngsters headed to Kids Club, while we went for a drink.  I had promised my boy that we would do the Aquaduck again tonight because we'd only gotten to ride it once the previous night.  It was super windy so the requirement was in place that two people had to be in the raft.  So much for me doing a couple and letting him ride the night away!  Friends, it is NOT a water slide.  It is a water COASTER with speed and tight turns not to mention the billion steps to get to the top to ride it.  However, we did it eight straight times so that he could say that he had ridden it ten times.  I am so glad that 10 was his magic number!  

A word about his experience in Kids Club.  Had he had a companion his own age perhaps it would have been better.  He is on the cusp of the kids and tween groups and has always related well to older kids, therefore as he was probably one of the oldest kids there, this might have contributed to his less than thrilled opinion of the Kids Club.  It was crazy busy at 8:00 at night with tons of kids!

Again, we skipped the evening show (for the water coaster) and headed off to bed.  We slept well each night on the ship!  

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