Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Disney Blog Day 3

We awoke in Nassau to a beautiful, sunny day.  After hitting the breakfast buffet, we were headed for a harbor tour.  I must add that I turned my head for just a moment at the buffet and when I turned back, the eggs, sausages and bacon piled on his plate would have been enough to feed our family of five.  Almost. 

LRHB wanted to say that he'd been to a foreign country and just being in port was not enough for him.  After researching our shore excursion options, we settled on a harbor cruise that gave some history of the area, but didn't require a lot of walking/bus riding.  For much of this trip, I was letting him drive our plans and was happy with his decision.  The boat ride was fun!  We got some history of the area, but it was so little that I remember none of it.  I do remember the large estates that were pointed out to us as well as the information she gave us on Atlantis.  We met a family from right up the highway from us and discussed hockey with them and a young newlywed couple!  Once back on land, the muggy heat was getting to my boy.  I just wanted to stop and look at the vendors that were set up right outside the port entrance; he complained and complained and complained.  I managed to make a couple purchases and though one of them was for him, it still didn't appease his crankiness.  He did stop for a picture and begrudgingly took a couple pictures of me.  However, once on board, the complaining continued.  I issued an ultimatum:  go play.  Swim, play basketball or mini-golf, get lunch or check yourself into the kids club.  I announced I was going my own way and he was not invited.  He was quite unsure of this turn of events, but I convinced him that I wasn't mad; I just think we needed some time apart.

I headed to the dining room serving lunch.  I ordered a cold seafood appetizer and carrot soup.  Both were wonderful!  None of the main dishes caught my eye so I ordered the mango soup also.  I think they thought I was crazy, but I loved every bite.  I finished up with dessert, of course.  The entire time I enjoyed the peace and quiet of being alone and the book on my Nook.  I changed into swim gear and headed for the pool.  Finding the boy playing basketball, I convinced him to come eat and showed him where I would be for the rest of the afternoon.  After he ate, he had reserved some time in the sports simulator, then he spent the rest of the afternoon swimming, water sliding and playing with our new friends.  

Comfortably sitting by the pool enjoying both the warmth of the sun and the cool of the breeze, I was content to read the afternoon away.  When another mom was looking for a chair, I offered up LRHB's since he was done eating and unlikely to sit in it again.  Little did I know, my cruise soul mate was sitting down next to me!  We discussed motherhood, sports, college days and kids.  We shared common values and a passion for wine.  The afternoon flew by in the companionship of my new friend!  We agreed to meet up again after dinner for the Pirate Party.  By this time, her boys and mine were having adventures together in the pool.  We really wished we could have been table mates!  

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