Monday, July 30, 2012

TV Watching & Book Reading

I read Redeeming Love in 5 days.  It was for our Bible Study summer reading program.  It was fantastic.  I couldn't put it down!  Nearly 500 pages and I read it in 5 days.  Then I passed it along and she read it super fast too!  I cannot wait to get together next week to discuss this book with my gals!  It had romance, history, parts that made me cry, parts that made me angry, parts that made me laugh.  So going to be talking about this book fore a long time!

Then I finished the romances by Janet Evanovich when I read Foul Play.  At least I think that is it.  It was cute, romantic, corny and just the break I needed after mopping the hardwood floors in my house.  All of them.  Then I kicked back and read.

I haven't been reading as many books as of late because I have been watching my shows.  Getting caught up and in some cases just deciding to not watch them.  I wanted to get the shows finished because the OLYMPICS were starting and I wanted to make sure there was enough room on my DVR to get all of the shows.  Well, I have enough room, but I've decided that I could make this a full time occupation and still not be able to watch what I want.  So I am going to watch what I like best... swimming.  Then if I have more time, I really like the woman's gymnastics (of course, who doesn't).  Then I will watch Misty & Kerri and beach volleyball as well as women's soccer. 

I've also been reading some other blogs.  And I know now why no one reads mine.. I'm not a very good writer.  It's okay, though!  I think reading me isn't so much about reading good stuff, but rather having a conversation with me whenever you want!  And I'm okay with that!  But some of the blogs I've got on the side are good.  Some are like mine, like having a conversation with that person.  But some are really, really good.  Happy Monday!

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  1. You know, I never REMEMBER to read other people's blogs haha... I don't know how ot do the fancy feature you have on the side of yours, and therefore, just today, discovered yours! I'm slow, I know haha ;-) And hey, I like conversation type blogs!