Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Apparently I like Blogging about....BOOKS!

So, the other day I asked for feedback about 50 Shades of Grey.  I got nothing.  Thanks folks!  I am guessing that it means, that no one is out there reading me which I have decided is JUST FINE!  I BLOG for ME!

I posted that on Saturday.  On Sunday, I received a notification from the Library that 50 Shades... had come in for me to download to my Nook.  On Monday, another friend dropped the book off at my house.  And today, a swim mom told me that she read all 3 books in the series in 6 days.  So, I think that I WILL be reading it.  Up next.  Right after I clean some bathrooms, the kitchen and read Teen Boys summer books.  I guess that isn't really next, huh.

Also about books... Remember way back at Spring Break when I challenged my kids to choose a book to read, and College Boy started a novel, but then moved onto his text books and med school planning book.  However, he came home this summer and picked up the Hunger Games trilogy and plowed through it and has moved onto read other books on his shelf that he never took the time to slow down and enjoy.  YAHOO!  LOVE READING FOR PLEASURE!

As I already mentioned, Teen Boy has finished his Summer Reading for school and is working on his homework assignments associated with it.  GOOD JOB KEEPING THE SUMMER CONTRACT!

LRHB, well, I think his summer contract may have been a little ambitious.  Would I like him journalling more, yes!  Do I feel he need to be working on the math, a little!  Is he doing either?  Not so much.  BUT, he is reading!  And we're reading!  Together!  And on Friday, our little summer reading group will be here to chat and watch the movie.  Hooray for friends enjoying books with friends!

And while I am on this BOOK TOPIC (again!),  Evanovich romances have been devoured by me!  Love Overboard and Manhunt.  Both cute.  BUT, I am ready for a change.  So the last romance is going back on the list and I am moving on to other things.  (35 books read!).

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