Monday, July 23, 2012

WEEK 30...

Today I was sitting in Dr. Ahhhhh's office, reading a Good Housekeeping magazine when I read an article about routines. (I call him Dr. Ahhhhh because when we leave, we seem more relaxed... ahhhhh).  Some routines make us feel good and some not so good.  It mentioned a woman that hated her morning commute until she got audio books to listen to - changing her dreaded routine to one of pleasure.  As we are wrapping up summer around here and getting ready for school, it got me thinking about my routines... my morning routine specifically.  I tend to run late.  One reason is those silly computer games.  Much progress has been made in that area, but those games are just one reason.  I really don't have much of a morning routine and I am thinking that getting one would improve my life and my kids lives, too.  You might need a better nighttime routine... I worked on that one a couple years ago when I was having trouble sleeping.  Getting a better nighttime routine improved my sleeping, so I highly recommend it for better sleeping.  Another one could be that your children or teens need a better bedtime routine... one lady I read about had a great evening routine with her kids, but not her husband while another had a great routine for the baby, but not the toddler.  Perhaps it is your fixing dinner routine that needs tweaking.  As I am looking around my life, I could fix many, many routines.  But this week I am just going to focus on one... that morning one.  Because school will be here sooner than I'd like to admit and if I need to change their morning routine, too, I might need the extra weeks between now and then to fix us both.  Good luck and happy Monday!

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