Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summertime part 2

More I love about Summertime...

Karaoke at LuLu's frozen yogurt on a Sunday night with my friends, my kids friends and my kids.  Love it!  Bingo at LuLu's on a Tuesday night!  Such fun!

Playing games in the middle of the day, just because.

Reading books.  Pretty sure I mentioned it before, but worth another mention.  I read a 500 page book in 5 days.  Now I'm just bragging, but I don't care.

Sangria.  Thanks JB for bunco hosting and supplying such a delicious beverage!

Hanging by the pool with my summer friends.  The ones that live all over the city but converge at swim practices or swim lessons each summer as predictible as the moths that arrive each spring.

Falling asleep to the rumble of thunder.  At night or in the middle of the day.  Both work!

Going to the beach.  Much harder to do in my landlocked state than it was when I lived on the coast, but as I watch family members go to the shore and see pictures, it is a reason I love summertime.  The crashing of the waves over my head.  Walks on the beach.  Watching kids build sand castles or bury themselves/each other.  Ahhhh.  Summertime.

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