Sunday, July 15, 2012


I was thinking about how the summer is coming quickly to an end for us and how much I love the crazy days of summer and how sad I am each year it ends.  And I decided I needed to share HOW MUCH I LOVE SUMMER!

Some years, we vacation at the beginning of the summer and that has its advantages... no one else on vacation on June 1st.  Most years we vacation at the end of summer and I can't wait until that comes this summer as it has been nearly 6 months since I've seen my mommy, longer since seeing my daddy.  (Yeah, that makes me sound 6 and I don't care.)  But as much as I am looking forward to it, I am so sad because when we return, school starts THE NEXT DAY for the LRHB and College Boy.  See, College Boy has to go back early as he is going to be an RA and they have training and stuff.  Way too early, if you ask me, but of course no one asked me.  Okay, so I am in the usual summer quandary of can't wait for it to get here and it coming up WAY too QUICKLY!  In fact, my sweet LM is leaving for 2 weeks this week and it seemed like it was just January and we were talking about it.  Ugh.

Why I Love Summer... by me.

Lazy afternoons reading.
Early morning summer swim team.  There's just something about Summer Club that is FUN!
Weekly summer meets.
Grilling yummy veggies.  Up today, more cauliflower on the grill and shrimp!
Going to the pool with friends.  My friends.  College Boy and his Charming GF playing in the water with LRHB.  Being with my daughter and her other mother.  Being with friends from the 'hood.
NO HOMEWORK!  If only that were true, but here it is a full month before school starts and Teen Boy has finished!
No School Meetings.  In fact this is a source of stress for me as I am supposed to be having school meeting this summer and I am an ostrich with my head in the sand about this topic.
Lazy afternoons reading at the pool.
So You Think You Can Dance.
Watching TV with my kids.  You see, most of the year, I watch it by myself or with Hero Daddy.
Summer Book Club.  Both the mommy/kid one and the bible study summer book club group (that totally refreshes my spirit).
Sunshine and being HOT and tan and wearing sandals.

Why do you love summer?  Now, I'm headed to... read.  Followed by grilling.

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