Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dumping Time Wasters... a new resolution

This week it is all about finding and dumping a time waster in your life.  Now, I am sure we have plenty of time wasting habits in our day-to-day life.  I usually hear about them around Ash Wednesday.  "I'm giving up Facebook" or "I'm turning my phone off when I'm home" or "I'm not texting my friends when my kids are up"  are some examples I hear of friends that give these habits up at Lent and often have picked them back up by summer.  I'm thinking I could give up all three and still have a long way to go to winning Mother of the Year. 

I am a game junkie.  (yes, I am a game junkie with my kids, but that isn't what I am talking about here... that is good bonding time, I'm talking time wasting gaming)  Hearts and Spider Solitaire on the computer are my weaknesses.  I used to also do Mahjong on the computer, but I am very proud to say that I gave that up at the beginning of the year when Hero Daddy set up the computer so that we all have our own log-in homes and I started my games over again.  But, I am embarrassed to admit that I have played nearly 600 games of Hearts and over 700 games of Spider Solitaire.  Most of that has been this spring/summer!  Remember back in the winter when I was cleaning out stuff and reorganizing etc.  That was time I previously spent on these time wasting games.  I love my reading and TV time, but I have work to do too.  And I avoid it by playing just one game (of each!).  Which of course turns into more than one game and before I know it, I've used up my FB time or my check email time so those things still need to get done.  And it is probably why I run late!  (for a funny read and solution to tardy-mom syndrome, try reading this blog:  http://living.msn.com/family-parenting/confessions-of-a-chronically-tardy-mom-2?pageart=5 )

Now, I'm a mite bit ashamed of those numbers and I am going to eliminate playing them because I cannot play just one.  What's your habit?  Read the paper far too long?  Too many blogs?  Too much FB time?  I mean, when do people find time to look at all those YouTube videos or find all those quirky sayings?  I'm just sayin.  I am pretty good about getting on email or FB, checking the news, and moving on.  But I'm not good about those dumb games.   I felt awesome when I had given them up... I will feel that awesome feeling again later this week! 

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