Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 A Year in Summary

Another year has finished.  A year of growth, change, resolutions and books.  I didn't hit 52 resolutions this year.  I didn't read as many books this year.  I didn't become thin and in amazing shape this year.

I did work full time this year.  I did volunteer for organizations that I want to support.  I did continue to grow relationships, support my children and stay married to my husband.  These far outweigh the "didn'ts" of the first paragraph.

I finished the year celebrating Christmas with my parents in my home.  It was wonderful.  I finished the year sick with a lung infection.  Although not wonderful, at least I had the time to rest to recover.  I finished the year watching my sons be heroes, saving the life of a family friend.  A moment of wonder, horror and pride.

Resolution #36 of 2014 - What comes next year?
Books - 61 read, 4 more in progress

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