Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Resolution #3 & #4

Resolutions 3 & 4 - Measure Your Food, Just One Plate

I have trouble with portion control.  I think that servings apply to other people.  I look at what I eat and I think, "My diet isn't that bad, why does my weight keep going up?"  Yes, one reason is I exercise in spurts (a few weeks here, a few weeks several months later, etc.).  However, a big reason is that I don't exercise control when it comes to measuring out food.  And if I do manage to put an appropriate amount on my plate, then I proceed to fill up my plate again.

I am sure that somewhere in my past, either or both of these have been resolutions.  However, that doesn't mean I shouldn't try again.  And I am making EVERYONE in the house adhere to the measuring your food rules, and two of us are sticking to just one plate.  A growing boy is entitled to two servings (measured servings), right?  It takes time, measuring out things to the proper amounts for each and every meal, each and every day.  But I would like to think a healthier version of me is worth it.  

I'm worth it, I'm worth it, I'm worth it!  Are you?

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