Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Resolution #1

Resolution #1 - Put everything back

It is terrible really what happens to my bedroom during the holiday season.  All that stuff that I just don't want to deal with all year long and ends up in boxes or piles or bags, it is in my room.  Piled on stuff.  Cluttering up my world.  Then, because of the moved in clutter, I allow other clutter to happen.  Not folded clothing and folded clothing piles up.  Don't know where to put that new gift, pile in mom's room.  Don't know where to put the replaced items? Pile in mom's room.  

The Christmas items have been stowed away, however, everything hasn't been put back where it came from.  I mean, in order to put things back they must:

  1. Have a place to go
  2. Have a clean place to go
None of that exists right now.  Sort of.  So this week I am devoted to putting everything back.  And those boxes filled with things?  Can we say "Resolution #2...".

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