Sunday, January 11, 2015

Book #7

by Suzanne Collins

This story finished the Hunger Games trilogy.  They split this last book into two movies so I read just over half of the book in early December prior to going to see part one.  Then at the end of the year, I finished it.  I like the books, I like the movies, and I think they have meshed the story telling well.  I have a feeling I may be picking this book up again next fall to refresh my mind before seeing the final installment.  If you haven't gotten into the Hunger Games movement, I cannot recommend it enough.  I originally went to keep my middle one company; he'd read the books.  However, then I was hooked!  Next fall, get the books and read them.  Get the first movies and watch them.  Then, pay the big bucks and watch the finale in the theater.  I truly believe you will not regret it.

*** This is just one of 3 books that I had started during 2014, but will finish in 2015

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