Saturday, January 31, 2015

Book 12

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder
by Joanne Fluke

5/9 Adult Reading Challenge
10/50 2015 Reading Challenge:  a book you can read in a day

I am finding it hard to believe that I have read a dozen books in January!  Of course, I was super motivated to read the Disney book prior to reaching 60 days out from my trip so I could make my Fastpass+ reservations.  And I was sick at the beginning of the month which gave me plenty of excuses (I mean time) to read.  You might remember I read a mystery earlier this month about a baker who solves crimes that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I borrowed the first book in the series to read because the Hallmark Channel is making it into a movie!  And then maybe they will make it into a series!  I can only hope.  I will say that the author has improved over time, however I did enjoy it AND I read it in a day.  

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