Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Book Challenge 2015

Someone posted the above link to a reading challenge for 2015.  The gauntlet was thrown down and I not only picked it up, I am shaking it above my head!  I will do this!!  Why?  I am really not sure.  It is 50 books.  Last year I only read 61, now I am devoting 50 of them to what... non-fiction and memoirs and mysteries?  Oh wait, I read those.  Audible sigh of relief.  Wait, a PLAY?  A GRAPHIC NOVEL?  What is that, anyway?  Ugh.  Why did I agree to do this and is it too late to back out?  There is no money, just pride riding on this and by darn, I am going to stick it out.  Look out readers, I will have some interesting tales to review this year!

In the meantime, I am taking suggestions on plays, graphic novels (or at least an explanation) and "a book with bad reviews" that someone thought was good.  The rest of them I think I can muddle through.  Additionally, our local library does an Adult reading challenge so I will be attempting to read 8 books in the next 8 weeks.   YIKES!

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