Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Resolution 15: Be Kind

I've been praying on what to say about an incident that happened last Friday.  I mean, I was SO UPSET that the loving words from 3 co-workers didn't alleviate my upset-ness, nor did praying loud and proud all the way to the doctor's appt. I was late to due to said incident.  It took the honest and caring words of Nurse A to stop my tears.  She said "that momma doesn't want you to be a better momma than her, she doesn't want you to care more than she does.  And your actions showed how much you cared and it scared her."  That made sense to me.  I stopped crying.  I am still a tiny bit mad, but I'm praying on forgiveness.  Now, I'm not one to bash on another momma, cause being a momma is HARD WORK.  But when you rip me a new one and I just stand there and take it in disbelief that you aren't THANKING ME for caring for your children, well, I lash out just a little.  Hence my dilemma about to post or not to post.  In the end, the lesson I am carrying away is strong enough to write about it.  Not to bash, but to offer a point of view.

In a nutshell, her children (5th and K) are some of the kiddos I cross.  On a beautiful afternoon last week they chose to stay and play after school.  Big school no-no.  Crossing guards aren't able to stay all afternoon and wait for you.  As I went up to the school to get the LRHB, I saw them finally heading home.  "Where have you been?  You're not supposed to play; you're supposed to head straight home!  Do not cross that street.  I will get my boy and go back and cross you."  And that's what I did.  I went back down the street to where I cross them (remembering early that same afternoon when a car didn't even stop for ME with MY SIGN in the crosswalk), put on my vest and crossed them safely and then I went home.  Well, apparently I yelled at them and it is not the first time and I am not to tell her children what to do and if they are on the playground and the principal has something to say about it fine, but I am not to tell HER children what to do. (Now picture that tirade with her shaking her finger in my face)  REALLY!  I MEAN I WAS KEEPING HER CHILDREN SAFE!  REALLY!  Wow, did that hurt my heart.

It is easier to remember the hurtful comments we hear whether we're a child or an adult.  Which is why people have to be careful what they say to people.  I have a tremendous support system to help get me through.  I mean, my relationship with the nurse in my doctor's office is so meaningful that she sat with me and handed me tissues with her arm on my shoulders and helped me through.  But what if I didn't have that? What if I was on the edge and those hurtful words pushed me over?  Be kind.  All week.  Be kind like the lady that stopped and handed me a hot chocolate this morning while I stood in the 10 degree weather waiting to cross no one, waving to greet everyone back from our snow day.

Happy Wednesday!

PS.  Yes, this is not in order.  I know.  But when the words are coming, you go with it.

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