Monday, April 22, 2013

Not on the fun bus...

I am headed out of town with my senior on a band trip as a chaperon (didn't know it was spelled that way!) this week.  Last week I discovered that I am not on the "fun bus".  REALLY?!  Have you met me?  Fun is like my middle name!  I tried to get out of this trip in January, but when your HS senior says that he really wants you to come, you make it happen.  So I will be on a bus for 15 hours there and 15 hours back (I think that is how long... I'll let you know if it is longer).  FUN!  Oh, did I mention that my son who wanted me to go so badly ISN'T ON MY BUS!  What is up with that?  I know I am really the fun bus... and wait til you see the junk food I'm buying for MY BUS.  LOL!  I am secretly super excited for this trip.  Don't tell anyone!

In the meantime, I am using that as an excuse for everything.  Help with the laundry.  Why?  Cause I AM NOT ON THE FUN BUS!  Help make dinner.  Why? CAUSE I AM NOT ON THE FUN BUS!

College Boy thinks it is super funny!  He called last night.  I try really hard not to bug him when he's at school.  He'd had a tough weekend and so he called to chat.  For 90 MINUTES!  And it could have been longer, but I had to get off to watch a movie with Hero Daddy.  At 10:00 pm.  On a Sunday night.  WHO DOES THAT?

So tomorrow I will drive up to see College Boy for dinner.  Cause he's lonely.  Cause the night before driving on a bus for 15 hours, I'll drive 2 hours round trip for dinner.  That's a momma's job.

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