Monday, April 22, 2013

La La La La La, Book Club

No school Friday meant that BOOK CLUB could happen Thursday night.  Our read this time around was Harriet the Spy.  I must say, the LRHB and I had a tough time biting on this one.  In fact (sigh), we didn't finish the book.  Nope.  First one we didn't finish.  After watching the movie, I asked if he wanted to keep going and he said no, let's just move on.  I said we had plenty of time, due to crazy spring commitments, to finish before starting the next one.  "What's next?"  he asked.  I haven't decided was my reply.  "No, I really am not interested in it, mom," was the come back.  Okay.  I could beat myself up.  Or I could relish the fact that the others in the group discovered that after the first Harriet the Spy, there were others and they've moved onto those!  Yep, that's what I am going to do.  Love the fact that my club readers are finding more to love about reading.  And I introduced my boy to Amelia Bedelia tonight, by reading some of it to him. He took off and finished the first and a second book.  Yes, it is below his "reading level", but the laughing from him over her antics just warmed my heart.  My reader found more to love about reading tonight.  Isn't that what my PROMISE to him is... keep him loving reading?

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