Monday, April 29, 2013

My Heart is BREAKING...

For a mom.  And her baby.  Just 14 years old.  Just one bad choice.  A happy boy.  A helping boy.  He showed up.  To help with school events.  To help at the animal shelter.  To adopt a kitty.  To be a friend from everything I've read.  With a smile, no sullen teenager look.

My heart is breaking... for a mom.  She showed up living a life of example.  She sought help when she needed it, even when the answers were already present in her heart.  School is important, so she went back to school.  Helping others is important, so she helped others.  Being present in her kids lives was important so she eliminated those things that took her away from them.  Talking to kids is important, so she talked the hard talks.  She took the time to know her kids and their friends.  She made an everyday momma choice and  she feels responsible for the one bad choice her baby made.  Love didn't win.

My heart is breaking for the daddy, and the sisters and the brother and the aunties and cousins and grandparents and the friends that lost a bit of sunshine.

A split second.  A bad choice.  Only one that cannot be taken back.  One that cannot be repaid.  One that is permanent.  "I left my baby at the hospital, who does that?"  A momma with a broken heart.


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