Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Things I find funny...

I sat down at the swim meet last Friday night, after running in from the parking lot to watch my boy make his state cut, and said that I'd spent the last hour of the day having crap thrown at me.   Then I realized how well off I had it... It wasn't actual crap being thrown at me so therefore it really wasn't that bad.  On Saturday, I forgot to send drinks to the baseball game (cause I was at swim meet part 2).  I was getting hollered at by my spouse (deservedly so) because he looked like an idiot (really, he doesn't need my help for that) when he asked the LRHB if he knew that we were bringing drinks.  He said YES.  Then I hung up (cause I was timing at the swim meet) as he started hollering at the LRHB about why he didn't tell him.  Whoo, I was off the hook.  Teen Boy's swim team was headed to the meet Friday afternoon, but transportation had the time wrong and after calling the bus depot, a bus was sent out now 30 minutes late.  The driver didn't want to stop to get them lunch (really, lady, they are teenage boys about to SWIM) and then when they wanted to eat on the bus she said no that they should have built more time into their schedule.  REALLY.  I asked Teen Boy if the swimmers were disrespectful.  He said that if I was asking if they spoke back to her, no, however, they disobeyed her and ate on the bus.  I find that funny that he knew how to tap dance around the question. Just a few funny moments to share with my friends.  More Happy Wednesday.

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