Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Conclusion of Lenten Journey

Some years work better than others.  I forgive and I am blessed for what we did do and what we will strive for in a year of learning to be more like Jesus, not just 40 days. 

Saints and Celebrating Saint Days.  Didn't happen, yet.  Still hoping to incorporate some of it during the rest of the year.

Resurrection Cookies.  Didn't happen.  Try again next year. 

Stations of the Cross on Good Friday.  All three of us went.  I went in and said we were going to church to Teen Boy.  He said college notices would be sent out at 4.  I said we'd be home in plenty of time (we were) and he said, okay.  We rounded up LRHB and off we went.  It felt like the right place to be that afternoon at 3 pm.  And LRHB remembered what we'd learned about the Stations in religious ed so that was a bonus.

Easter Sunday all 5 of us were in Mass together.  I was SO PROUD.  My boys all looked so handsome and we'd gotten to church with time for me to pray a rosary before Mass started (and to sit all together).  As I sat, listening to Father's homily, I remembered that I'd used bad math when programming the oven.  I knew we needed to be at church at 7:30 and we'd be in Mass about 75 minutes and the casserole was still partially frozen so we'd need to cook it 75-90 minutes.  However, the service didn't START until 8, so I had the eggs come on 30 minutes early.  I knew they'd be ruined.  Hence, the 5 of us did the "dine and dash" or left after receiving Communion.  And we got home not a minute too soon.  They were still edible, but another 20 minutes or so and they would have been trash.

So, Dear Lord.  Please continue to bless our family as we learn to be active Catholics.  Amen.

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