Monday, February 4, 2013

Life... One Day at a Time

This message is brought to you by the sick children in my home which meant I couldn't begin my Bible Study group this morning. 

My life was put into a tailspin about 10 days ago when within hours of each other, my aunt and my best friend's mother died.  So I've flown across the country, been to wakes and a funeral, flown home, done a wake and funeral and each day after returning home last week, one of my guys has come down with the flu.  I'm waiting.  Just waiting.

With them down, I've discovered I really depend on them to help around the house.  Right now it is just me and with caring for them and doing all of the chores, I am a tired girl!  Really makes me appreciate them.

The 10 days prior to that I worked LIKE CRAZY as we had staff members out, out, out and a special staff person leaving so I was covering for training and such.  The good part was I kept saying YES to helping out.  So when I had to be gone, my team stepped up for me!  I really love my job even if it is interfering with my blogging and lunch dates.  Making myself laugh.

So, I promise, I will get back to you on the resolutions that I've been working on.  And I promise, I will update you on the 7 books I've read.  And I promise that I am coming up with a Lenten plan.  I just wanted to stop off today and say Have a GREAT week and live each day fully!  Time for Lego Soccer!

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