Sunday, February 10, 2013

Resolution #4

As you know, life was a bit of a roller coaster ride last month.  I haven't started back to the gym, but I have been making sure that I stay healthy.  One way I've been doing that is with an Arbonne product, Energy Fizz sticks.  I mix one stick in about 16 oz of water, not 8 oz as recommended on the package and have been drinking 2-3 a day.  It has caffeine in it, so I have to finish them earlier in the day than I have been.  It is full of B-vitamins, potassium, antioxidents and chromium (which aids in weightloss and preventing osteoporosis).  It is the only reason I can figure out that everyone else in my house got the flu (the short version thanks to the flu shot) and I DID NOT.  At least, I didn't get it with them.  I could, of course, still get it, but they came down with it boom, boom, boom, three in three days.  It's been more than a week and I didn't get it from them.  So, here's my resolution... implement a vitamin plan that makes sense for you.

For me, it is using the energy fizz sticks.  It might be adding calcium or a multi for you.  Blue?  Add St. John's wort, maybe, after chatting with your doctor about it.  Cause, I've got no medical background.  All I've got is what is working for me and I'm sharing that.  Good luck!

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