Sunday, February 10, 2013

Resolution #5

Clean out your wallet.  You know how many Starbucks cards I had in my wallet?  4.  Seriously.  If they are registered on the Starbucks site (and why wouldn't you register them so you can reap free benefits), you can actually transfer all of the 90 cent balances to your favorite card and toss the rest.  I found out that I am due a free froyo the next time I go.  And I had a Panera Card with money on it I gave my hubby since it is his week to buy bagels.  Clean out your wallet/purse and you don't know what you'll find! 

Sadly, I didn't find any extra twentys, but I am pretty excited about sliming down my wallet and ditching the extra stuff that I don't need.  Next time I'm at the liquor store, I'll ask him to combine the two cards I have working towards a discount.  And I remembered that I have my Chick-fil-A card which will get me a free large drink this month... drive thru here I come!  If you found something unexpected in your wallet while cleaning it out, I'd LOVE to hear about it!

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