Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our Lenten Journey

I went looking for an article from last year that I had book marked "40 Ways for 40 Days", however I couldn't find it much to my irritation and dismay.  I've been working with Teen Boy to clean up my computer to make it run better and to be a more useful tool.  Perhaps I should have him remove the computer games, too.  I digress... Lent began a week ago and I decided that during this Lenten Journey we'd learn more about the Saints.  So far, however, I've done a lot of research and not a lot of teaching.  What I discovered I do know about the Saints could fit in a thimble.  However, Rome wasn't built in a day and my resolution for Lent isn't about learning EVERYTHING its about learning SOMETHING.  About preparing.  In my research, I came across this article:

I think it really does help us realize that our Lenten journey is what we make of it, not what our neighbor is making of it.  So, our Lenten journey shall include some cooking together and celebration of Saints as well as prayer.  I hope again to make this a 40 step journey for us.

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