Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's been filling my spare time... BOOKS!

Oh, you know I love my books!  And I've held a sick child in my arms for days and nights.  I've spend hours on planes and in airports and at my in-laws where there were no chores for me to do.  I've discovered a new series and I LOVE it.   Because I mostly read series two years ago, before I started blogging, you may not know I find them addicting (Debbie Macomber - 12 series that year).   I love getting involved in series for the continuity of characters; they become like a family to me.  Or a soap opera.  I've been reading the Fools Gold Romances by Susan Mallery.  I've read the first 6 books in the series and I've got 3 more to read along with 3 novellas.  And this summer, 3 more will come out!  Now, let me be clear.  If Janet Evanovich's romances are G rated and Debbies are G/PG, Susan's are "R" RATED.  I skip 2-4 pages of details that I do not need to enjoy the tale; it's just not necessary for me, just saying.  So, if you want to try these books out, be prepared.  But, oh the characters are delightful and ones I would be happy to meet and befriend.   

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