Thursday, February 21, 2013

Long Weekend Fun

I am taking advantage of the SNOW DAY to catch up a bit on my blogging... and my reading, too!

Last weekend, the long President's weekend, our College Boy couldn't come home so we went up to spend Sunday afternoon and evening with him.  We went to dinner at this place I found looking through the school's website, opened just a week ago by an Alumni.  It features meatballs.  Only meatballs.  You can get them on bread, salad or pasta.  You can get six different kinds of meatballs with hot or cold sauces.  It was actually pretty good!  This is a guy hoping that his meatballs are the next burrito explosion.  Of course I had mapped it out on the computer before leaving home.  As sure as I was that I could get us there, it was a good thing I'd sent the link to Teen Boy so that he could get us found and safely to the restaurant.

Then CB and LRHB played some ping pong while I read and Teen Boy tried to fix some things on CB's computer.   Then we went to church with CB on campus.  Apparently the priest from last year retired and there has been a Brother and different visiting priests this year.  Sunday night was a visiting Brother, a visiting Priest and a visiting Sister.  We sat up front which can be an adventure with the LRHB especially someplace new.  I might add it is the only row with permanent wooden, not at all padded kneelers.  Which we got to use.  The priest was a singing priest; I thought he might sing the Gospel, but we were spared.  I have now decided as much as I like singing in church, I'm not a big fan of singing prayers and responses.  Nor, please dear Lord, do not strike me down, was I a fan of the Sister who sang the responsorial psalm, not in key or at least not in the same key each verse.  I'd like to say the homily spoke to me, but I was distracted by LRHB who was distracted by a lone ant crawling across the tile floor.  I am glad that during Lent, I got to go to church with my College boy, in spite of it all.  And we managed to keep LRHB from killing the ant.  Back up in the dorm room, we played games until we hit the local Ben & Jerry's for dessert before heading home.  It was fun!

I'm not sure what else we did over the long weekend.  Teen Boy was gone playing in a State Band until late Saturday.  Hero Daddy and I had DATE NIGHT following Teen Boy's return.  Friday night Hero Daddy had his friend over in the basement while I had my friends over upstairs and LRHB watched a movie with his friends.  Yummy margaritas!  We all read.  We watched TV.  We cleaned.  Sunday was definitely the highlight!

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