Sunday, August 19, 2012

Book 40: Laugh until you Cry

Bloom by Kelle Hampton is a blog turned memoir about a woman giving birth to a Down Syndrome baby without prior preparation.  It is her pain, disappointment, grief, guilt, strength and growth.  There were parts that made me laugh.  There were certainly parts that made me sob.  I have reflected quite a bit over the last couple weeks while reading this book (remembering I took a break while gone because it was hard backed and I didn't take it on my trip) and I think that my response would have been quite a bit like Kelle's. 

I think that I would have had a wonderful support system, like she does.  I think that I would have had the same fears for the siblings that I think many parents have when given a special needs child.  I hope I would have found the same strength to persevere through the pain to the better side.  Some of the words were very powerful, and I included them in a previous blog and think that they apply to many painful situations.  This book was a great read.  Powerful. 

And I checked since I thought I was behind on my book a week goal.  I am still ahead!  Good thing since the coming months will be BAND CRAZY.

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