Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I am so very sorry I've been absent!  Many things going on!  Very exciting things!  And mundane things.  And Circle of Life things!

Resolve to (31):  Prepare yourself and your family for a new school year.  Need a new calendar?  Get IT!  Shoes? check.  Clothes?  sorta check.  To reorganize school stuff?  yes I need to.  Develop a plan and system?  not yet.

I send my three back this week.  SUCH A SAD TIME FOR ME!  And a happy time for them.  I know, I am supposed to GROW them UP and OUT.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  So I will go put on my HAPPY FACE!  Fix breakfasts and lunches and take pictures!  And try to get you caught up here over the next few days. 

Resolve to (32):  Our school year motto (thanks Aimee) is going to be "Jesus, I trust YOU!"  We've never had a school year motto, but I thought in this 52 week journey about change, WHY NOT!  So while driving College Boy back today, we'll chat about it.  And I have time with Teen Boy later in the week.  And LRHB and I will snuggle up tonight and chat about it.  School year motto...Jesus, I trust YOU!  I trust you to guide CB through this tough year of MCAT prep and classes.  I trust you to help TB discern which college will be the best option for him.  I trust you to help LRHB be a strong leader (as it seems to be what he has strength in) that leads with kindness and gentleness.  I trust you to get me through.

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