Thursday, August 16, 2012


This week is the anniversary of a tragic accident that happened to the son of a friend of mine. It is a week because we waited and waited for him to come back to us. Then his parents did a brave thing and donated his organs, something he would have supported wholeheartedly... that's the kind of selfless kid he was.  At his Memorial, it was crowded; he was well-liked and well-loved.  He swam on the team with my boys and we had a HUGE turn out of swimmers, from the young ones that swim with his sister to a large contingency of our Senior squad.  It was amazing to see my sons and their friends and their support of this young man's family.  It was amazing to see them grieve, openly.  It was devastating for my youngest, but an ugly fact of life.  Death.  To honor this young man, I want to publish a piece from his mother's website to educate you...
"I personally used to think that risky behavior was only common among children who are not raised in stable families, who make poor choices in their lives and have bad grades. I have since discovered that this particular activity is trending among a different group of children.
These children are like our son Luca. They are smart, reasonable, athletic, and well rounded socially with good grades. They are the students who don't want to smoke, drink alcohol, or steal prescription drugs from their parents. Many of these children are athletes who respect their body and would never take the risk of inhaling smoke or take pills to get a high. However, many children believe that the "Choking Game" is simply a cool new game that is fun, harmless and without risk. These children are wrong and we need to make sure to let them know." is a website you can visit to learn more about speaking with your children, grandchildren neighbor children or whomever about the deadly "Choking Game".  Please help us spread the word and prevent senseless deaths.  Please help us bring good out of an awful sadness by educating yourself and speaking with your children. "Our mission is to save lives, so no one has to experience the worst thing in the world....... the loss of their child."

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