Friday, August 24, 2012

How my day got started...

I should have known I was going to be punished.  On Wednesday, another mom and I went to the pool for 3 hours.  In the middle of the day while our children were at school.  We swam laps, we had lunch and we caught up after a summer of hardly seeing each other.  There we were, poolside.  Of course some of the time it was raining, so I don't want you to think that it was picture perfect. 

Fast forward to this morning...  Hero Daddy returned from a business trip last night, disappointed to find out I had run out.  I had run out to get a fan for the bedroom because the one we'd been using all summer went back to school with College Boy.  So his passive-aggressive-I'm-tired-from-my-trip grown-up response to me not being home was to put his ipod on and go to bed and not take it off when I got home, like 30 seconds after he climbed into bed.  So his first words to me this morning were "where are some clean underwear?"  duh.  in that huge pile of clean laundry I didn't fold while you were gone (momentary pool guilt).  Here, honey.  5 minutes later, I am backing out of the driveway taking Teen Boy off to school when there he is... Hero Daddy waving something white at me... WHAT?  YOU NEED CLEAN SOCKS?  I'll get them for you when I get back.  Grrrrrrrrr.  So I am remembering while driving home that there were clean socks (granted, only one pair) in his drawer.  So when I got home (he's still in the shower so you can see what an urgent need the socks were), I looked in the drawer and they're not there.  So I say to him... there were clean socks in your drawer did you find them?  Oh yes, he found them and put them on and went to the gym in them.  You put clean socks on to go to the gym?  Really?  I mean I  do, but that's because I check and see that there are other socks for me to wear later.  REALLY?  I MEAN REALLY?!!!  I found him some damn socks.  As he is heading out the door, I ask him (AGAIN) to put the seat back in the van.  He asks me why I didn't do it with Teenboy.  See, I'd asked him to do it over the weekend, but he wanted Teenboy to do it and I said it will take the two of you.  So I say:  NO, I DIDN'T DO IT WITH TEEN BOY, I ASKED YOU TO DO IT WITH TEEN BOY BECAUSE IT IS HEAVY AND I DIDN'T WANT TO DO IT AT ALL SO NOW I AM ASKING YOU TO DO IT WITH ME BECAUSE I HAVE THE KIDS TODAY AND I HAVE PLACES TO GO AND THE ALTERNATIVE WILL BE YOU RUSHING HOME FROM WORK IN AN HOUR AFTER I TRY TO DO IT BY MYSELF AND FALL WITH IT ON TOP OF ME AND LRHB HAS TO CALL YOU TO COME HOME AND SAVE ME!  Seriously, I said that.  And after finding him underwear and socks, he halfway helped me get it the car.  Read that he carried it with me, but once thrusting it in the back, he left me to shift it here and there and lift and shift to get it in right cause our van is like 12 years old and has big heavy hard-to-maneuver seats.  Thanks.  Thankfully, off to work he went.

So, wait, it gets better.  The highlight of the morning came after feeding the angels (they are with me today and a couple days next week) and LRHB their breakfast, loading them up in the car that I now had to install the car seats into and heading to school for LRHB's assessment testing, which is why he is home today.   Sip, sip on the coffee that I haven't had time to drink but I'm okay with lukewarm coffee.  Especially since I grabbed a piece of chocolate on my way out of the house to have with my coffee.  The coffee doesn't quite taste right.  OHHHHH!  After 3, (that's right, 3) sips I figured out that I didn't put the cup with the coffee into my Keurig coffee maker when I thought I was making coffee and all I have is lukewarm water.  Brilliant.  I fear I am being punished for going to the pool with my girlfriend while my kids were in school.  Shoulda known.  Happy Friday.

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