Thursday, August 16, 2012


Remember the days when August meant summer and September meant school?  Not so much where we live.  See, I have it all figured out, we should get out at Memorial Day (which I LOVE) and return after Labor Day.  See what I did there... I extended my summer.  I know MANY teachers who would be down with my plan!

I have so much to say, but my brain is bouncing in a MILLION directions.  So I think I am going with bullet points...
  • College boy now back at school doing RA training.  That was an all day project yesterday after sending LRHB back to school.  Hero Daddy came with us which was AWESOME cause he had great ideas for shopping and furniture for the room and was AMAZING at putting furniture together.  YAHOO for Hero Daddy!  College boy is well rested from our vacation as he didn't have much to do but nap, nap, nap and he started studying for the MCAT.
  • Teen Boy is in such a GREAT place now!  He is starting his senior year and is quite the leader in the band!  He's happy which makes me so, so happy.  Let's see if we can keep the spirits UP!  He saw 5 schools in 6 days on a college tour vacation.  Some top choices fell.  The TOP school he wants to attend, he saw because it was CONVENIENT.  Others are still good options so now we'll start the application process.
  • I am meeting LOTS and LOTS of new people which is SO exciting as they are willing to start taking projects OFF of my hands!  Since I'm up to my eyeballs in projects, this is a good thing.  Thanks to all of the new volunteers with the band and the parent-teacher group I might survive this year!
  • LRHB has been horribly neglected.  He went off to school without looking back, but College Boy (who walked with us) said he gave him a big hug.  Having missed the Back-to-School social, he was busy trying to figure out where his friends were and who was in his class.  Then Teen Boy picked him up from school and Hero Daddy played baseball with him, oversaw homework and put him to bed.  I was sad to not get to hear all the details, but knew we'd have time in the morning cause he ALWAYS is up at 7am.  Not today.  7 came and went.  So did 7:30, 8 and 8:30.  I had a meeting at 9 so had to wake him (yes, he was late to school on the second day... shoot me I'm a bad mom).  So I am hoping that this afternoon we'll have some time.  Right after tennis.  Before my Ladies Night Out.  May have to skip the LNO.
  • The house is a disaster!  A gazillion loads of laundry are taking over my laundry room and the dishes need to be done and the dishwasher run and clean dishes that are piled on the counter need to be put away and more laundry needs to be done and the suitcases need to be put away and I have a bunch of emails to send.  But instead, I am here chatting with you.  That really needs to come to an end.

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