Monday, December 15, 2014

Resolution 36

What do you do when you are out and you see something you think would make a good gift?  Or when you are watching T.V. and learn of a restaurant where someone else lives that you might one day go visit and want to try?  Or when you are having a conversation with someone and they give you a good book title or tip?  

I type many of these things into my phone.  In fact, I found some lists in my phone that had good ideas for Christmas.  Glad I found them now and not in JANUARY!  So I decided that I should use the list feature on my computer and compile the ideas in one spot.  Your space may still be on your phone, but I don't love my phone that much.  Your space may be in a desk drawer or on a pad of paper.  Whatever it is, get them into one spot!

Resolution 36:  Collect all of those ideas and put them in one place. 

**Side note:  Post 401.  Seriously, I have had a lot to say.

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