Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh

Ten years ago when we welcomed our third child into our family, Hero Daddy and I had a conversation regarding gift giving.  That we had SO MUCH and that there was no way we could continue at that pace for a few reasons.  One reason, we quickly discovered was that tween and teen gifts are pricey.  Another motivator for us was that our budget was going to have to spread wider while our income was being reduced (due to me staying home with our newest babe).  Finally, I loved the idea of tying our gift giving into the meaning of Christmas.  Jesus received three gifts, the boys now receive three gifts.  Gold - something they really want.  Frankincense - something to practical.  Myrrh - something to share.  You might want to know what this could look like.  It usually looks like a Lego set, a box with smaller wrapped gifts to include socks and underwear, hat or gloves, school supplies or kitchen items and a game or movie.

I have done a LOT of research over the last month because I find myself having to explain why we give our kids three gifts and why we give what we give.  I cannot find why I came to the reasons I did.  Frankincense does adorn the body and kept people from smelling at one time.  Myrrh can be mixed with wine and shared.  Of course, they shared it with Jesus while he was on the cross dying which kind of puts a damper on things.  

I guess what I just need to be comfortable with is that we made this decision motivated to do less and to tie it to the meaning of Christmas, Jesus' birth.  Yes, Santa does visit our family; he brings another desired item (once it was an electric blanket that was a huge hit!) and he fills the stocking with treats and practical items.  The Feast of St. Nicholas is also celebrated in our home.  He brings items to help us prepare for Christmas, like holiday pj's, boxers, ornaments or books about the upcoming holiday.

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