Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Book 57

While taking a break from Unbroken, I read Rare Bird:  A Memoir of Loss and Love by Anna Whiston-Donaldson.  That may seem a bit unusual that I took a break from a book that had some graphic details about death and life in a POW camp to read a book about a mother who lost a child.  However, her prose is uplifting.  Her tale is horrible:  she sent her kids out to play in the rain.  What happened next strikes fear in a mother's heart.  But more than what happened is how she is surviving, one day at a time.  What is wonderful about her story is her faith, her realness.  Her storytelling creates a feeling of not sitting alone on a couch reading a book, rather of sitting in a cozy kitchen with coffee and treats listening to a dear friend pour her heart out.  

It left me feeling a bit better equipped to help someone else who may find themselves in this horrible place.  It left me feeling a need to work on my faith.  It left me feeling inspired and humbled at the same time.

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