Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things...

I was blessed to make a bestie way back last century when I was in high school.  A few years ago she began the "non-Oprah" cost Oprah List of favorite things.  I have joined in the fun mostly because I truly appreciate the ideas that I have gotten and because then I can share the thinks in my world that I think absolutely ROCK.  Here is the 2014 edition:  

1.  Swiftwick socks.  My #3 son had the smelliest feet around.  I mean horrible, awful!  I asked at the shoe place what I could do.  He suggested the Swiftwick socks and they are worth EVERY penny (and they are a lot of pennies at $13 a pair).  NO MORE STINKY BOY FEET!  And I've had stinky boy feet, but these feet were in a category of their own!
2. Tazo Tea.  I'll admit that the thing I like best is that I can get it in K-cups for my Keurig in two of my favorite flavors (peppermint and chamomile).  But I love making the Iced Passion tea and mixing in some Crystal Light lemonade to replicate the Starbucks version of Passion tea lemonade.  And the Wild Orange... yummy!
3.  Mighty Mug - My husband got me this insulated cup for Christmas last year at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Put it down and try to knock it over.  Adheres to most surfaces making spilled hot coffee a thing of the past when I am in the classroom!
4. Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Sunscreen in spray and a stick.  First, it works.  He gets 10 minutes at break time and I can reapply and send him off.  NO SUNBURN for us this summer.  He likes using the stick on his face, I like using the spray.  And it smells really good!
5. HOMEOLOGY All Purpose Cleaner - Made by Gold Canyon Candle Company, I LOVE the smell!  It is plant-based cleaning infused with essential oils.  No amonia, no phosphates, no dyes, no chlorine and non-toxic. **This is a cut and paste from last year because now my HUSBAND loves this stuff and actually will wipe down the counters with it!**
6. Lindor Orange Dark Truffles.  You know the orange that you hit on the counter and it breaks into pieces and it is orange flavored chocolate?  Or remember the Orange Mocha you used to be able to get at Starbucks many years ago?  Like those, only SO MUCH BETTER.  It says it is a holiday flavor so I might need to stock up!
7. Dawn. Yes, I mean the dish soap.  It takes grease stains out of clothing the FIRST TIME.  I keep a bottle by the sink and by the washer.  I'm not even sure I use a stain stick anymore cause I just put the Dawn on it.  
8. Jamberry Nails.  I had to triple check that I didn't put these on the list last year because when I gave them to my nieces, they LOVED them.  Fun, easy to use and did I say FUN!  They are nail wraps that you put on with a hair dryer.  I've given them as gifts and they are a unique way to show holiday spirit, team spirit or your inner WOW.  You can Google it to find a representative in your area or message me and I'll send you my cousin's contact info.
9.  Faith Moves by Loyola Press.  This was a gift given to us and I got more use out of it than I thought I would!  
Faith Moves is a practical and fun, spiral-bound booklet that provides opportunities for parents to have faith conversations with their children, followed by a game or an activity to drive the message home. Designed for kids of all ages, Faith Moves is ideal for busy families who want to live out their faith. Perfect for family night, car rides, waiting in line, or mealtime.
10.  L.L. Bean Flannel Sheets.  This gal doesn't live in sunny California and last week's zero temps made me so glad I had put the flannels on the bed already.  My college boys leave the flannel bottom sheet on year round; they love how soft it is.  They come in extra long for college dorm rooms!  I've had department store flannel and I cannot go back.  L.L. Bean flannel sheets are the softest and durable holding up to lots of washing.
11.  L.L. Bean Backpacks and Lunch boxes.  Yes, the initial outlay of cash is more substantial than a backpack from Wal-mart or Target.  And I will own up that I have boys that don't need a new one to meet whatever the current fashion trend is.  HOWEVER, I have BOYS who are HARD on things and our BACKPACK AND MATCHING LUNCH BOX lasted 4 school years.  FOUR.  Pretty sure that comes down to about $15 a year for a backpack and a lunch box.  If you decide to order the lunchbox, there are two; get the flip-top one, as it is substantially bigger.
12.  Shutterfly.  I make things and then I wait for the coupon.  Cause there is always a coupon or a deal happening pretty regularly.  Then I give my mother-in-law (and my mom) Wall Art with pictures of the grandkids.  And they LOVE it.  
13. The Reading Promise by Alice Ouzma.  This book made me rethink reading with my emergent reader and 3 years later his book club, formed after reading this book and sharing its message with friends, is still going strong.  The book is coming out in theaters in 2015.  It is an amazing story.
14.  This is Where I Leave You.  I didn't see the movie cause I don't go to movies very often.  However, the book was LAUGH OUT LOUD funny.  Need something to cheer you up?  Believe that Laughter is the BEST Medicine?  Then invest in this story.

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